Code of Conduct

Members of the Penetration Testing community are required to operate under the highest levels of integrity and ethics given the privileged and sensitive information which they are exposed to by their clients and employers.

The Cyber Scheme

Code of Conduct for Individuals describes the standards of practice expected of Individuals certified through our examination process.

It is important for the integrity of the profession that all individuals holding professional certifications adhere to a Code of Conduct and have in place an Ethics policy either through their employer or for independent consultant’s one associated with their registered company.


TCS Qualified Individuals are those that hold a current valid TCS qualification.  Individuals are not permitted to advertise or claim certified skills if their qualification has lapsed.


TCS Qualified Individuals are required to sign the TCS Code of Conduct for Individuals.  The core requirement is that they commit to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

Core requirements for Individuals are:

      • Operating within the Law at all times;
      • Work in an Ethical way such that it promotes the integrity of the Penetration Testing profession;

– Act honestly;
– Report bribery attempts;
– Report signs of corruption and extortion;
– Not use information gained through privileged access for personal benefit;

      • Protect the confidentiality of information gained through application of your skill;
      • Promote learning and development and commit to on-going CPD;
      • Ensure the Clients interests are foremost in engagements;


There may be situations where there is a misunderstanding or dispute between a TCS certified Individual and their Client.  The TCS Code of Conduct defines the complaints and resolutions measures to be applied if a complaint is raised against a TCS certified Individual.

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