Cyber Security Chartership Licensed Bodies Announcement

The Cyber Scheme are delighted to announce that, alongside our strategic partners The Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec), we are one of the first ever Licensed Bodies for Cyber Security Chartership in the UK. The UK Cyber Security Council gained their Royal Charter, allowing them to issue such licenses, in 2022 with the aim […]

Understanding The CSFL Syllabus

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This article highlights the key subject areas you need to understand to pass the CSFL exam. The Cyber Scheme‘s CSFL assessment to measure the competence of a junior and/or graduate cyber security professional looking for an entry level role.  To support the assessment, The Cyber Scheme has developed a comprehensive training course which will highlight […]

What is CSFL and why do we need it?

The CSFL (Cyber Scheme Foundation Level) is an entry level technical training course and assessment designed to bridge the gap between entry level and industry ready practitioner. This practical training with corresponding exam is designed to help someone leaving formal education to get that first job, whether within a Check consultancy (with the aim of […]

SASIG: Why Did I Become A Member?

By Andy Jones, Strategy Director for The Cyber Scheme  I have had the pleasure of engaging in constructive and informative discussion with a wide range of stakeholders of all backgrounds since I became a member of SASIG. You rarely come across such a comprehensive pool of knowledge and resources which can be obtained for free.   […]

Zero to Pentester

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Guest article by Ross Mitchell, Cybersecurity Consultant Cyberis First published in IT Security Guru It’s rare for a young individual in high school to identify what they want to do for the rest of their life and then carry through with it without ever considering moving out of that field. Rewind to 2013—I’m in my […]

Chartership Application

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Application Guidance for Professional Registration – Security Testing Specialism There are three professional registration titles aligned to the Council’s professional standard. These are: Associate – An Associate title is awarded to a cyber professional who understands the fundamentals of cyber security and can evidence applying these fundamentals in their career to date. Principal – A Principal title is awarded to […]

Becoming a Cyber Advisor

By Peter Lannon,  Technical Director – Assure Technical   What is a Cyber Advisor? The Cyber Advisor scheme was set up to provide small to medium sized organisations (SME’s) with a way to identify providers that can support them with cost-effective advice and guidance. The Cyber Advisors have proven consultancy skills and experience. The National Cyber […]

How to Encourage Diversity in Cyber Security

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Diversity in cybersecurity means bringing people from unique backgrounds, educational levels and schools of thought into the workplace. A heterogeneous workforce inspires new ideas and mindsets to help solve problems from different perspectives. Here’s how to encourage diversity in the computer security sector. Promote Equal Pay Across all sectors — regardless of location and qualification […]

Why We Are Making Our Assessments More Accessible

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At The Cyber Scheme we believe everyone should have access to a career in security testing. This was at the forefront of our minds for example when creating our new website, which is available in large screen formats, high contrast colourways and approved fonts. It also informs everything we do when introducing new training and […]

The UKCSC and their role in professionalising the Cyber Security industry

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Professional Standards and Chartership You will have heard about the UK Cyber Security Council. What is it and why was it brought about? The UK Cyber Security Council was introduced in March 2021 to be an independent body that sets standards and define career and learning paths for the cyber security industry. It was established […]

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