Want to be a certified Pen Tester? One qualified to the UK's National Cyber Security Centre standards? CSTM Course and Exam from £1695 +VAT
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Providing professional qualifications certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
99.9% of exploited vulnerabilities were compromised more than a year after the vulnerability was published
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Your IT systems probably hold data which is critical to your organisation. You may have created a system that you believe is secure, that uses assured solutions and appropriate security procedures. But how sure are you that your system does not have any vulnerabilities and that it has been correctly configured? UK Government sets the highest standards for technical consultants and staff undertaking Penetration testing on its business systems at all levels of classification. Cyber Scheme provides high quality NCSC approved examinations to meet this supply. These qualifications are well respected across industry and by many employers but are essential if you wish to gain NCSC CHECK status. Why not qualify with us to join the best in the business.